Have Empathy
Respect Differences
Identify Feelings
Value Yourself
Emanate Kindness



Dear Parents & Guardians,

We invite you to visit this page for updates throughout the year and to stay up to date on the progress of the THRIVE program. As we’ve described, THRIVE focuses on building positive relationship skills to
help ensure that all of our children will thrive both socially and academically!

The second lesson was recently delivered to every K-5 student in the Summit Public Schools
and covered the topic of:

Including Others/Respecting Differences: Extension Lesson.

Each month we will provide you with lesson objectives and a link to the curriculum in order
to allow you to reinforce the lessons at home, making THRIVE a truly collaborative effort. To
keep track of what your child discussed today, you can access all lessons on the THRIVE

1. Where do I find the lessons? Click here: THRIVE website
2. Why can’t I view some of the videos? Some videos may contain pictures of Summit
students. This is a privacy issue since our website is live on the internet.
3. What if my child was absent on the day of the lesson? You can access the lesson and
materials on the website and review it with your child.
4. What if I have questions about a lesson? You can contact your child’s teacher or school


~The Summit K-5 Thrive team