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L-H Cares has a whole new approach to community service. Each grade will sponsor a charity or community outreach effort.
This will give our LH kids a better connection to what it means to "give back" and help others!

1st GRADE - The Seeing Eye Dog (TSE)

Program:  The Seeing Eye Dog is the oldest existing guide dog school in the world. First graders will learn, first hand, how these dogs are trained and about the benefits they provide. Then they will raise funds for this non-profit by sponsoring a Pennies for Puppies drive (Dollars for Dogs).

2nd GRADE - Endangered Species

Program: Learn what animals are endangered around the world and the importance of preserving these animals. They will select an endangered species (penguins, turtles, etc), and raise money to save that endangered animal/species. 

3rd GRADE - Overlook Hospital Holiday Drive

Program: Collect donations for Overlook™s Holiday Drive. Each year Overlook Hospital has patients that, due to the cost of unexpected illnesses, can afford to pay for basic items like a warm home and food. This is especially difficult during the holidays. The money collected will help these Summit Families. Students can help raise money by doing extra “jobsâ€? at home to collect donations for this cause.

4th GRADE - Current Events, Support the Troops!

Program: Students write letters of appreciation to the troops that are deployed and learn about what it means to protect our country. Additionally, the 4th grade class will sponsor a drive in the spring (either popsicle or bagel sale) to support a current event emergency effort (Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, etc).  

5th GRADE - SAGE Program

Program: Students will visit the facility in the winter time. To spend time with the elderly.  Children receive sensitivity training? to learn more about the physical constraints affecting the elderly, and spend the afternoon engaging with members of the facility.
Grade - 3 
Dr. Paul Wichansky

Presentation:  Taking the "Dis" out of Disability
Presentation Length - 45 minutes plus 15 minutes Q&A
Format: Interactive, with speakers sharing personal experiences. The focus is geared toward self-discovery, overcoming obstacles and character development.  

Here is a link to the website.
Taking the "Dis" out of "Disability"
Dr. Paul emphasizes the critical issues of tolerance and respect and relates these topics to self-esteem and the development of a "Yes! I Can" attitude. By sharing his life experiences, he uses himself as an example to help inspire students to learn from their mistakes and failures, and in the process, helps them realize that success is readily available with hard work and determination. His captivating analogy that describes the long-term effects of teasing encourages students to develop compassion and an understanding of others, and in essence, learn to emulate the core ethical values as the basis of good character.  K-5 School Testimonials
Caring Kids is a program for the 3rd Grade throught the Summit district.  Dr. Paul Wichansky comes to LH and all other Summit elementary schools to discuss living with a disability and how to make it positive. And how we as people can spin positive our lives. 
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