Author's Visit featuring 
Dan Gutman
Friday, Feb. 23rd, 2018

​Dan Gutman is a children’s book author of over 70 books. His titles include the My Weird School series, Flashback Four, The Genius Files and the Baseball Card Adventure Series. Dan will be speaking with students from all grades in small groups and will sign his books. 

Grade 1 : TBD

Grades 2 & 3 : TBD

Grades 4 & 5 : TBD

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017


The Story Pirates Greatest Hits Show celebrates creative writing by students in a big, hilarious sketch comedy musical performed by professional actors and musicians. The performance is based entirely on stories written by elementary school students, and part of the show is made up on the spot by the kids in the audience. Additionally, The Story Pirates will be doing a residency with the 2nd grade in November to coincide with their realistic fiction unit. 

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Cultural Arts Programs are sponsored by the Lincoln Hubbard PTO. Each year the PTO brings a variety of arts programs to Lincoln-Hubbard to help enrich our students education.

For more information contact the committee chairs:
Nina TigerLisa DadourianLisa IndelicatoTrish Murphy 

Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School
52 Woodland Avenue
Summit, New Jersey 07901  
phone: 908 . 273 . 1333

Making Better Decisions 
- An Ethical Approach -
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd, 2017

Dr. Karen Rezach, Director of the Ethics Institute, Dr. Eva Lazar, Program Coordinator for the Ethics Institute, and Dr. Adunni Anderson, Director of the Primary School, along with two Kent Place Primary School teachers will facilitate three age-appropriate assemblies that will focus on the value of respect and the ways that students can interact with each other in a manner that embodies the ethical principles of empathy, integrity, honesty and kindness. 

The students will be broken up into smaller groups in order to facilitate a more in-depth discussion and fun, age-appropriate and meaningful activities. Each interactive assembly will engage the students in actual decision-making through the use of case studies. KPS middle school students will perform skits for grades 4 & 5 based on issues involving social media and social interaction. This assembly takes place during Lincoln-Hubbard’s Week of Respect. ​

Grade 1 : 8:45 to 9:15am
​Grades 2 & 3 : 9:30 to 10:30am
Grades 4 & 5 : 10:45 to 11:45am
Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Tanglewood Marionettes is a nationally touring marionette theater. Large beautifully crafted marionettes, colorful sets and integrated lighting and sound create a fully immersive theatrical experience. Perseus and Medusa takes us back in time to an ancient world of gods, goddesses, prophecies and heroes. We will follow Perseus through his personal quests and adventures.  

Grades 1 & 2 : 9:00 am
Grades 3 – 5 : 10:30 am

Brain Challenge
- the ultimate live event!
Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

The Brain Challenge is returning to L-H! We are once again celebrating Brain Awareness Week with the ultimate live TV game show. The Challenge combines fast paced questions, games and physical challenges with maximum audience participation.

Grades 1 to 3 : 9:00 to 10:00am

Grades 4 & 5 : 10:15 to 11:15am

Penguin Presentation
for 1st & 2nd Grade
Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Aquarium education specialists will use a hands-on, interactive approach to teach students about penguin biology, geography, care, feeding and conservation. Students will also observe a live penguin as he waddles around the classroom!

Grades 1 & 2 : 1:30pm

June 1st, 2018

BOT! The Secret World of Robots is chock full of audience participation, humor and delivers curriculum-based information to students in a fun and interesting way. The show’s co-star is a virtual character named Cozmo who leads the students on a high-tech adventure through the exciting world of Robotics. This high-energy assembly is rich in multimedia content and offers live, hands-on demonstrations of real robots currently in everyday use.

There will be two assemblies for the entire school.

March 12th to March 23rd, 2018

The Circus Around the World provides the ultimate project based learning experience. Each class picks one country and one circus act such as tumbling, juggling, clowning, partner acrobatics or balance. Students investigate the culture, history, cuisine, language and geography of the countries while learning the circus skills. The sessions are 45 minutes per day for two weeks culminating in two performances for the entire school and parents.  

Grades 1 to 3 : Morning assembly

Grade 4 to 5 Parents : Evening Performance