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Helen Griffith 
Katie Jesionowski
Courtney Reed

SUMMIT, NJ   (908) 273-1333

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Courtney Reed, Katie Jesionowski, and I are your 5th grade chairs for the year. This is supposed to be a fun filled year for the 5th graders full of lots of fun activities. Sadly, this year is going to be slightly different, but we are committed to our awesome 5th graders to come up with new and exciting ideas to help celebrate their last year at LH. We are already brainstorming with the teachers on fun ideas and something special for the kids.  

We will reach out to volunteers as needed, because we will need your help.

We are asking all of you to please donate $125 per child to help with the costs for these activities. Your child will also receive a t-shirt.  Please select the shirt size as you make your donation. 

Also, read more on how the money was spent in the past. We plan to move forward with as many events as possible or substitute where need be.

Please reach out with any questions.

Helen GriffithCourtney Reed, and Katie Jesionowski

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MAY 4, 2021

Hello LH 5th Grade Families,

We would like you all to SAVE THE DATE for 5th Grade Graduation and Memories to Music!

When: Friday June 11th 10 AM
Raindate: Monday June 14th 10AM

This will be an outdoor event with only parents allowed. No grandparents or siblings, so please plan accordingly.

They are also planning to have the clap-in on the last day of school, but I am not sure if parents are allowed to attend, so please stay tuned. This is when the whole school stands outside and claps the 5th graders into their last day of school. It's fantastic!

All kids will be given a personalized t-shirt to wear for the graduation and to wear again for the clap-in.

We are also working on a 5th grade social after school is out to celebrate, but more details to follow.

We are working hard to make this a special morning for the kids, so be patient with us. It's not easy planning with the COVID restrictions, but we will do our best to make it a special day.

Please reach out with any questions.

Helen, Courtney, and Katie